Canna Balm - Chocochino 5ml Stick

Canna Balm - Chocochino 5ml Stick

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Canna Balm is made with organic food grade ingredients!

Natural source of vitamins and trace minerals for flawless skin.

Moisturizing, repairing, nourishing, hydrating, softening, strengthening and soothing.

Beeswax for ultimate protection against harsh environmental elements and allowing the skin to be nourished and hydrated by locking in moisture

Properties: Improved skin texture, reduces swelling and puffiness, hydrates chapped and cracked skin, soothes sensitive skin, prevents skin stretching

Coffee and chocolate – delicious to eat and even better for your skin. Rich in antioxidants, caffeine helps to even out the lumps and bumps, reduce redness, swelling and irritation and rejuvenate your skin.

Star Ingredients:

Cannabis Sativa Flower Extract – organically grown in Slovenia & Croatia
Arabic Green Coffee bean extract – instant pick-me-up smell
Cacao butter – food of the gods. Feed your skin with this ultra-hydrating and rejuvenating butter


Use: Topical and aromapathic