Lemon Bazillions - Big CBD – 60ml E-Liquid   1000mg

Lemon Bazillions - Big CBD – 60ml E-Liquid 1000mg

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Providing a tangy citrus treat to savour, Lemon Bazillions will dazzle your taste buds and delivers a memorable vaping experience.

Millions sweets have taken the world by storm and so it was only right that we honoured these zappy little treasures in a delicious juice! Bright citrus notes are partnered with sweet candy to create a vibrant vape with a liberal dose of fizz. There are trillions or even Bazillions of reasons to treat yourself to this flavour and once you have tried it, we are sure you will be back for more. All we can say is that you would be a lemon not to top up your tank immediately!

Lemon Bazillions is available in CBD concentrations of 1000mg and you get a splendid 60ml to enjoy.